HTML Boy 03.01.2016

Don't we all love the old Game Boy Classic? The bulky handheld console from Nintendo that has been released in 1989? One of the most iconic game consoles ever. As an exercise I created an HTML / CSS - Interface with the distinctive look of this little piece of history. And you can download, modify and use it in any way you want to.

Here we go again 15.05.2014

I made it. I finally remade my website and moved it to my new domain which happens to be exactly my name. Thank you, german domain name management service thingy...

A small word on quest design 12.12.2013

On my way through Skyrim, Borderlands, the Caribbean Islands and other virtual worlds I do always the same. And it also feels always the same. I go to an area marked on the map, kill a bunch of people and / or get something, go back to the person who gave me the quest and receive the award in form of money, items or experience points. But why? Why can't games offer me something more interesting?

What are retro games 04.06.2013

How do you define a "retro" game? Is it chip tunes music mixed with 8 bit pixel graphics and a two dimensional gameplay? Is every game from the 80s and early 90s a retro game? Or does it have to be older than 20 - 30 years? Maybe the definition of a retro game is different to everybody.
Well for most people in my generation (mid 20) games like Super Metroid, Super Mario or Street Fighter 2 are placed in this category. They grew up with a NES, SNES, N64 and so on...